Iowa State University 
Block & Bridle Dog Show

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IMPORTANT: Exhibitors must bring a proof of up-to-date rabies and distemper vaccinations from their veterinarians in order to show on November 12th


Obedience (4-H and Open):

Pre-Novice- All exercises will be performed on-leash. These include a heel pattern, figure 8, stand for examination, and recall. There will be a one minute sit stay and three minute down stay, both on leash.  See here for the Pre-Novice score sheet:

Novice - Includes on-leash heel pattern and figure 8. Stand for exam and recall will be off-leash as well as an additional off-leash heel pattern. There will be a one minute sit stay and three mintute down stay, each off-leash. See here for the Novice score sheet:

Graduate Novice-  All exercises will be performed off-leash. These include a heel pattern, figure 8, moving drop on recall, dumbbell recall, recall over broad jump, and recall over high jump.  There will be a three minute long down off leash with the owner out of sight. See here for the Graduate Novice score sheet:

Open- All exercises will be performed off-leash.  These include a heel pattern, figure 8, drop on recall, retrieve on flat, retrieve over high jump, and broad jump.  There will be a three minute long sit and five minute long down. See here for the Open score sheet:

Utility- Includes signal exercises, scent discrimination, directed retrieve, moving stand, and directed jumping. See here for the Utility score sheet:

Rally (4-H and Open):

There will be one rally course set up for both the 4-H and Open divisions. The course will be based on an AKC Rally Novice course and will be performed on-leash.  See here for the Rally score sheet:

Showmanship (4-H):

The showmanship competition is judged on the handler's ability to show their dog, the cleanliness and basic grooming of the dog, and the handler's knowledge of their dog. There will be three showmanship classes, based on the handler's age.  Junior for those 8-10 years old, Intermediate for those 11-14 years old, and Senior for those 15-18 years old. See here for the Showmanship score sheet:

Conformation "Fun Show" (Open):

This will be a conformation-like show for any handlers that wish to get more experience either for themselves or for their dogs.  No awards or points will be given and classes will be determined based on the entry.  The dogs will be examined by the judge and moved both individually and as a group, as a normal conformation class would go.  No dogs under four months will be allowed to show.