Iowa State University 
Block & Bridle Dog Show

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Rings are run simultaneously. We will have a lunch break at 12:00PM. 

There will be a Clicker Training Workshop with Stephanie Peters at 12:20PM.

Ring 1

Judge: Caitlyn Owens

Start time: 10:00AM

  1. 4-H Pre-Novice Obedience
  2. 4-H Novice Obedience
  3. 4-H Grad Novice Obedience
  4. 4-H Open Obedience
  5. 4-H Utility Obedience
  6. Junior Showmanship
  7. Intermediate Showmanship
  8. Senior Showmanship
  9. Best in Showmanship

Ring 2

Judge: Karri Higgins

Start time: 10:00AM

  1. Open Rally
  2. 4-H Rally
  3. Open Pre-Novice Obedience
  4. Open Novice Obedience
  5. Open Grad Novice Obedience
  6. Open Open Obedience
  7. Open Utility Obedience
  8. Conformation "Fun Show"